Lighting Repair Services

Repairing faulty light fixtures may not be as simple as replacing it with a new bulb. Without proper knowledge and experience, repairing your faulty light fixture on your own is dangerous. If you would like to save yourself from the stress of lighting repairs, Electrical Garage is the right one to call! Our expert  electricians can fix and resolve your problem of lighting repair services efficiently in no time.


How to know when you need a lighting repair:

  • Flickering lights
  • Frequent burnouts
  • Brittle wiring
  • Frayed fabric wires
  • Damaged cords

Lighting repairs are important to each home. Improper lighting, especially flickering lights, can be stressful and annoying. Our lighting repair experts can assist you with any types of lighting repair you may need such as outdoor lighting, security lighting, landscape lighting, pole lighting, indoor lighting, fluorescent lighting, and more. Electrical Garage experts will provide the best quality of work that is done right the first time. We provide excellent customer satisfaction, 100% guaranteed. 


Electrical Garage is committed to ensuring that our customers will receive the highest quality of service with professionalism and attention to every detail. Our goal is to provide lighting repair that will last for years, excellent customer service, and good communication to our customers, and finish on time. We offer upfront pricing, no hidden fees guaranteed, and will explain everything in detail so that you understand what is happening throughout our service.


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