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At Electrical Garage, we don’t just fix electrical problems, we provide unparalleled solutions for any project you have. With several years of experience in Commercial Electrical Services, we’ll help you make the best decisions for your electrical needs while improving your business cost-effectiveness and decreasing energy costs. We can inspect your business, identify any issues, and recommend the right electrical solution.

Faulty panel repairs, blown fuses, frayed wiring, power surges, and other issues could lead to loss of revenue, productivity, and safety concerns. Electrical Garage understands how dependent modern commercial buildings are on electricity, which is why we provide round the clock emergency commercial electrical services to any site needing urgent assistance. Our skilled electricians can quickly determine a problem within the electrical system and provide you solutions or offer preventative maintenance to prevent such situations from happening. If you’re experiencing electrical issues be sure to contact Electrical Garage.

No matter how complicated your electrical need is, trust Electrical Garage to troubleshoot it quickly, at any time or day. We do electrical inspections, diagnosis, repairs, installation, upgrades, and maintenance to your electrical system. Our team provides you these services using the most advanced tools and equipment to do our service with precision and expertise, ensuring that your business receives the highest quality standards in service. Contact Electrical Garage today for emergency electrical service.

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