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Electrical Garage

Will your electrician have the parts needed to repair my electrical system?

Electrical Garage is one of the most leading electrical services companies in the country for almost a couple of decades. Our team doesn’t want to give you more headache, that’s why we are the ones to provide our clients with the parts needed for the repairs or installations. 

Are your electricians qualified to do any electrical services?

Our main goal is to provide our clients with the best quality of electrical services to all of our clients. That’s the reason why we only hire competent, licensed, and experienced technicians. They are all capable of giving you accurate solutions to your faulty electrical.

Can I do electrical work myself?

Some people may or may not do their electrical work by themselves because there is a big risk to consider. However, provided that you have the skills, training, and knowledge to handle this kind of work, then maybe you must have the right to touch these kinds of stuff. For amateurs, attempting to perform the work yourself, sometimes leads to risky or incomplete electrical work, and may cause you to spend more money, or worse, it will result in a major disaster. To make it safe, it is always better to seek professional help, and here at Electrical Garage, we are always ready to help!

Are your electricians screened or background checked?

At Electrical Garage, our electricians are background checked thoroughly, along with drug-testing, and received lots of certification in the field of electrical services.

When is the best time to call an electrician?

If your lights are flickering, have a higher electric bill, experience frequent electrical surges, or when you smell electricity burning, these are just common causes of faulty electricity and need an immediate response from a certified electrician.

Why should I use a master electrician?

A master electrician is well-trained and certified to deliver professional, safe, reliable service at the highest standard. They carry out ongoing training to ensure they continue providing quality best service to their customers.

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