10 Most Common Electrical Problems Around Your Home

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When it comes to the electricals in your home, your safety is very important. Flickering of the lights, high electrical bills, and damaged appliances can all be a sign of electrical problems in your home. Identify some of the common problems and the causes from the list below:

1.) Frequent Electrical Surges

It can be an electrical device connected to the home grid or the wiring itself. 

2.) Sags and Dips

Sags and dips can often happen when the devices connected to your power grid are faulty and draw a lot of power when turned on.

3.) Faulty Switches

If you find your light switches seem not functioning, this might be a sign it has been replaced and the fixtures removed, or it could be a fault in the outlet, circuit or wiring.

4.) Circuit Breaker Tripping Frequently

High wattage appliances or items like microwaves and hair dryers can trip circuit breakers, especially when other power-consuming items are used on the same source.

5.) Circuit Overload

One of the most common causes of frequent circuit breaker tripping is overloading. If the circuit breakers are tripping frequently, it could be down to circuit overload.

6.) Lights Too Dim or Bright

If some lights around the house seem too dim or bright, it could be:

  • different types of lights with different wattage
  • the bad main neutral connection

7.) Electrical Shocks

The problem could be with your appliance, or it could be in your wiring system.

8.) High Electric Bill Costs

Reducing the cost of your electric bill costs could include:

  • identify the faulty appliances that may be causing power surges
  • unplugging appliances when not using
  • repairing damage wiring or circuits, and faulty appliances

9.) Burn Out Light Bulbs

Some reasons why your lights can be burning out too often:

  • wattage is too high
  • bad wiring on the circuit
  • bad wiring on the mains
  • the insulation is too close to your lights

10.) Recessed Lights

You are either using a bulb that is too high on wattage, or insulation in the ceiling is too close to the bulb.

What To Do If Problems Persist?If you experience electrical problems around your home, you should consider contacting a certified electrician right away. Safety is a must, so get in touch with a professional, like your local Electrical Garage, to help diagnose the problems for peace of mind and safety assurance.

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