Advantages Of Replacing Your Old Electrical Panel

Replacing Your Old Electrical Panel

In most homes, the electrical panel is more likely to be located somewhere, such as in the basement or mounted outside of the house. With this in mind, the electrical panel is often neglected, which generally isn’t an issue unless you have a circuit trip. That’s why as a homeowner, you know that sometimes there are things that need to be changed around the house, most especially if the problems are causing you a lot lately, and replacing your electrical panel can be one of them.

Home systems like our plumbing and HVAC can wear out over time, and just like any other electrical component, the electrical panel is no stranger to that issue. That is why if you have seen or experienced these signs below lately, then you might as well consider electrical panel replacement immediately! Below are the following signs that you need electrical panel replacement:

  • Home That Is Over 20 + Years
  • Electrical Panel Is Too Warm
  • Noise Coming From The Outlet
  • Circuit Breaker Trips Too Often
  • Burnt Smells In and Around The Panel
  • Water Damaged Around The Electrical Panel

So, if you have any of those, better call a professional electrician immediately!

 Two Major Advantages Of Electrical Panel Replacement:

  • Increases Home Safety- The leading advantage you can get the most out of electrical panel replacement is that it reduces the fire risk secondary to overloaded circuits. It simply means that you can have assurance and peace of mind that you, your family, and your home are safe from fires caused by a defective electrical panel. So, whenever you have a failing electrical panel, consider electrical panel replacement immediately to prevent a disastrous outcome.
  • Newly Replaced Electrical Panel Provides More Consistent Power- A newly installed electrical panel ensures that your home will continue a steady flow of current throughout your electrical system. With a newly replaced electrical panel, not only can it eliminate the problems with flickering lights and burn out, but it gives you the benefits of adding appliances without tripping your breaker or blowing fuses.

More Benefits With A New Electrical Panel

A newly replaced electrical panel will also allow you to increase the number of electrical outlets available in your home. As a result, you can enjoy multiple appliances within your home, knowing that you have electrical outlets to plug into without damaging your circuit breaker or damaging your current appliances.

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