Yuletide Electrical Safety Tips

Electrical Safety

Christmas is fast approaching and along with your excitement, bear in mind that electrical safety is also essential for this joyful celebration.

Whether you choose to design your entire house or only your Christmas tree, there are some electrical dangers that you have to identify. House fires are prevalent during the Christmas season, and the majority of these fires are due to electrical issues.

In order to prevent any unforeseen accidents spoiling your celebration, take a few minutes to dip into the Christmas electrical safety tips.

Check Christmas Lights for Damage

Prior to lightening up your evergreen tree, carefully check every part of your Christmas lights. It is essential to inspect the item for any torn or broken wires. Bare wiring can result in serious injury when overlooked.

Do Not Overload Power Sockets

When you decorate a lot of Christmas lights annually, see to it that you distribute the light strands to separate extension power cords.  The power cord bears a wattage rating. Once the required wattage of your lights goes over that of your power cord, it can produce extreme heat. The U.S. Fire Administration prescribes connecting no more than three strands of lights for each power cord. 

Turn Off Lights Before Going To Sleep

Never leave your lights up and running all the time. Not only does it spike your monthly bill, but it can also pose some electrical risk. This yuletide season ensures that you unplug the electrical lights when you leave home or go to sleep.

Distant Christmas Tree from Heat Sources

See to it that before you start building and adorning your Christmas tree that it is far from heat sources. These include some appliances such as electric heaters and lamps that are likely to heat up and ignite your Christmas tree and its ornaments.

Check Smoke Alarm Regularly 

While it does not regular maintenance, we highly advise having your smoke alarm checked monthly to see to it that it is functioning properly and efficiently. No matter how frustrating it is when you burn your food, do not take out the batteries from your smoke alarm unit. The only time that you can take out the batteries is when you change them.

Prevent Electrical Hazards this Christmas with Electrical Garage

Our team here at Electrical Garage can’t overemphasize the significance of electrical safety. Regardless of the season and celebration, it is very important that you take safety measures when it comes to electrical wiring installation to keep your home from any possible holiday fire.

When you are experiencing some electrical problems in your home, never take these risks this joyful season. Contact our team for professional consultation or service appointment. We offer residential electrical services from electrical outlet installation to wiring repair.

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