Tips on Home Electrical Safety

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Many electrical fires can be prevented by following even the simplest electricity safety tips. Below are some of the simple and easy electricity safety precautions you should know and follow accordingly. 

Always remember to ask for professional help whenever you are not sure and uncertain about the safety of your electrical systems in your home.

Check the Correct Wattage in All Your Fixtures and Appliances

Check all lamps, fixtures, and appliances to ensure you are using the correct wattage to prevent electrical problems.

Watch Out For Overload Outlets

Overloading your outlets is one of the common causes of electrical problems. Check all the outlets to ensure they are safe to touch, have a protection plate on them, and are always in perfect working condition.

Replace or Repair Damaged Electrical Cords

Damaged power cords are a potential electrical safety risk and are capable of causing both fires and electrocution. They should be checked regularly to see any signs of fraying and cracking and should be replaced or repaired as needed as possible.

Keep Unused and Used Cords Tidy and Secure

Cords should also need to be stored safely to prevent potential damage to their insulation and wires. 

Unplug All Your Unused Appliances

When an appliance or gadget is not in use, unplug it. Not only does this save you power, but also protects it from overheating or power surges and a potential fire hazard.

Keep Electrical Devices & Outlets Away From Water

As water and electricity don’t go well together, you have to keep electrical equipment dry and away from water to prevent damage to the appliance, injury, or electrocution.

Give Your Appliances Proper Space To Avoid Overheating

Without proper ventilation or air circulation, electrical systems can overheat and can be an electrical fire hazard. Also, it is necessary to store flammable objects away from all appliances and other electronics.

Ensure Your Exhaust Fans Clean

Some appliances have exhaust fans, which can get dirty and clogged. It can also lead to an electrical fire hazard due to dangerous gas buildup. Cleaning the exhaust fans regularly can help prevent such danger.

Follow Appliance Instructions For Improved Electrical Safety

Always read the instructions located in your appliance manuals. It should be on the top list of electrical safety tips at your home. It not only improves the operation of your appliances but also promotes safety for you and your home.

Be Aware Of Heaters

For furnace safety, store combustibles far away from any other heating appliances. They should only be placed on a stable surface to prevent tripping.

Faulty or damaged wiring and related electrical equipment cause electrical fires. When looking for potential fire hazards in your home, always be sure to consult a professional and licensed electrical service company, like Electrical Garage.

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